Linksland Luxury Travel does not specialise in golf!

We specialise in completely
unique experiences!

Our founder and CEO, David J Whyte has been Scotland's leading golf writer and photographer for almost 30 years and has explored every facet of his homeland, written hundreds of articles on destinations near and far and developed a sense of what makes the most fulfilling encounters and experiences. 
A single-figure golfer, David loves the game of golf deeply. But he also loves the character and sense of history that each destination offers - and it is these qualities we present in each of our tours.

If you wish to have an intimate, extraordinary  experience of your chosen destination, you have come to the right place. Through David J Whyte's Signature Golf Experiences we bring you the very best of each of our hand-picked destinations. Every tour is curated and crafted to give you the utmost experience. 

Our objective is to deliver an authentic encounter of each region, an appreciation of its art & culture, its finest food and perhaps most of all, the hospitality of its people. Along the way we’ll enjoy a few great rounds of golf!
Linksland Luxury Golf Travel is for the more discerning traveler who relishes extraordinary experiences and encounters, events and entertainment that only years of knowledge can bring to the table… and for years we are sure you will savour!
Come and join David J Whyte and his select team of experts to experience  ‘Roads less traveled’…